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We stock and deliver a wide range of high-quality products recommended by dentists from some of the world’s leading brands. Simply browse our products, click to order and pay. We regularly add new products and offer disocunts to our loyal patients.

Brush like a dentist, seriously

  • The beginner’s six-pack: all six new bold toothpaste flavours in one package. Try them all one after another. Taste, feel and decide which suits you best. Your day. Your mood. What they have in common: natural ingredients and herbal essences combined in new ways for oral health and whiter teeth with menthol power pearls for long-lasting wow! freshness The difference: actually just the taste and colour. Our bold little taste explosions all have different ways of winning you over. What matters: just you. You decide. Your ritual, your feeling, your choice. A great six-pack that takes no exercise at all. The days of boring toothpaste are over. Today, there’s BE YOU.
  • Fun for babies & toddlers: the extra narrow brush head and soft plastic covering prevent any injuries to the oral mucosa. Developed in collaboration with the University of Berne. 4’260 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter.
  • Gums love this toothbrush: thanks to its 5460 CUREN® filaments. A CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush offers unparalleled gentleness and efficiency – and is popular all over the world. 5460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter. 36 colours. Choose your colour!
  • Our tongue cleaners are extremely successful against halitosis. Their anatomical design reduces nausea and their effect can be seen and also smelled.
  • Oral hygiene when on the go. A CURAPROX TS 261 travel set is ideal when travelling and fits into any shirt, blouse or trouser pocket. CURASEPT ADS® 705 gel toothpaste (5 ml) not only contains 0.05% fluoride but also 0.05% chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine has an antibacterial effect and also prevents plaque – perfect for when normal oral hygiene is difficult.

    Finally, there is a luxurious wafer-thin but also soft and wide tape designed to stop you cursing and get you smiling! Comfy, easy to grip, absorbent and refillable. Manfloss has been designed to improve your oral hygiene by explaining it simply, in a fun way. Developed by a dental health professional who listened (for 20 years) to the everyday person’s frustrations with flossing, and decided to do something about it. For the first time ever, precise instructions are enclosed to dispense the frustrations about flossing.
  • Detoxifying Charcoal naturally whitens enamel, removes bacteria and toxins from the mouth, helping to control bad breath and protects the gum tissue.
  • Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste with its mild antibacterial and anti-fungal properties is recommended to help arrest the build-up of dental plaque and prevent gum tissue problems.
  • Mighty Cocoa Toothpaste utilizes Theobromine’s restorative tooth enamel properties giving you a natural, healthy alternative to fluoride.
  • Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash is an all-natural, powder-form blend of sea salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and calcium carbonate. Its mild antibacterial properties help prevent the build-up of dental plaque, stimulate the production of saliva and reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash offers effective gum disease prevention.
  • Experience Oral-B Smart 6, from the brand that brought you the first-ever connected rechargeable toothbrush. The sleek handle of the 6000N electric toothbrush improves your brushing habits. It seamlessly connects with the Oral-B app in your phone and guides you with real-time feedback to brush better. While you are improving your brushing routine, Oral-B’s unique round head does all the rest. It removes up to 100% more plaque than a standard manual toothbrush for healthier gums and it starts making your smile whiter as of the first day of brushing by removing surface stains. Not only this, but the toothbrush helps you protect your delicate gums with the proprietary pressure control technology that reduces brushing speed and alerts you to be gentler if you brush too hard. With the Smart Coaching you get from Oral-B Smart 6 6000N toothbrush, you will improve your brushing habits and your oral health. No wonder Oral-B is the No.1 recommended brand by dentists worldwide.
  • Perio Plus+ Balance with CHX 0.05% and CITROX/P formula (200 ml) CHX mouthwash enhanced by CITROX – the power of nature Perio Plus+ Balance reduces the risk of caries and gingivitis for wearers of orthodontic appliances, in cases of treatment-related dry mouth and in cases of motor impairment. For long-term use.
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